let's make nutrition less confusing so you can get back to enjoying delicious food and feeling great

Everyone deserves to have an uncomplicated relationship with food. If you've done diet after diet and found they really don't work, or you've just been handed a diagnosis of a chronic disease mandating you to eliminate a laundry list of foods, I want to be your coach and #1 cheerleader and show you how you can eat all foods and live your most nutritious life. 

Virtual Nutrition counseling

I work with individuals one-on-one to provide nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy for a variety of needs. My speciality areas include:

  • Weight concerns using a non-diet, flexible eating approach

  • Diabetes- pre-diabetes, type I, type II, and gestational

  • Heart disease- hypertension and high cholesterol

  • Digestive disorders- irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, acid reflux & more

  • Sports nutrition for recreational athletes

culinary nutrition

It is difficult to succeed in building a foundation of good health without a knowledge of cooking. My goal is to help you gain culinary confidence from the grocery store to the dining table, and all the steps in between. I offer:

  • Meal planning tools

  • Personalized grocery lists

  • Kitchen clean outs and organization

  • Menu planning and recipe development

  • Guided grocery shopping

  • Individual and family meal prep

  • Basic cooking instruction

Group Education

Interesting in hosting a chat about improving your relationship with food, how to make meal planning easier, or an educational seminar about a specific area of nutrition, such as managing diabetes, digestive wellness, or food for fitness? Casey is happy to speak at your next event or create an on-going educational series for your group.

At this time Casey Seiden Nutrition does not accept insurance.

Casey can provide all services, spoken and written, in English or Spanish. Casey ofrece su servicios en Ingles y Español.