Egg White Oats

If you can't already tell from my Insta feed, let me make it known that I'm a pretty big fan of breakfast. To be a cliche, it really is the most important meal of the day for me and I just don't feel right without it. It's even become the meal I enjoy planning for most because it's all for me- husband's taste buds be damned! I can prepare an egg fritatta with swiss chard, a cauliflower (!) smoothie , avo toast, or any variety of oats I want, and enjoy it with my morning coffee before Mr. CN even gets out of bed.

One key ingredient in my breakfasts, however, is always protein. I need that "fill factor" to hold me over until lunch time, so a grain-based breakfast usually won't cut it. I love oatmeal, but was getting a tad bored of adding peanut butter (never!), protein powder, and/or chopped nuts to my morning bowl. Thankfully, one day while admiring the many delicious creations on my Instagram feed I found a post about adding egg whites to oatmeal. I wish I could remember which fellow foodie it was whose post I saw, but thanks to their tips I knew it was going to be the next day's breakfast.

Egg whites give your oats that fluffy, creamy consistency without adding a banana, which I prefer because I usually like to include fresh berries as my fruit add-in. My big piece of advice is to make sure your oats are at least 90% of the way cooked before adding in the egg whites and finishing the cooking. That way you avoid that whole "chunky, rubbery egg white" effect and can dive into a creamy bowl without even noticing its protein-packed goodness.

What are your favorite protein-packed breakfasts?

Egg White Oats- makes 1 bowl


  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats

  • 1 egg white- or 1/4 cup egg whites if using egg beaters/carton egg whites

  • splash of milk of your choice

  • toppings as you wish- chopped nuts or seeds, peanut butter, fresh berries, hemp or chia seeds


  1. Cook 1/2 cup oats with water in microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds. If cooking on the stovetop, cook until 90% of the way done. If you prefer to use old-fashioned oats, I would prepare them on the stovetop until fully cooked.

  2. Add splash of milk and egg white to oats and return to microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and stir, then return to microwave for another 30 seconds. Ideal consistency is thin and creamy, not too firm- cooked too long and you'll start to get hard boiled-like whites!

  3. Remove and give a final stir, then top with your favorites!